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[tlug] [OT] Emigration information

As the Animals said so eloquently back in 1965, ``We gotta get out of
this place.'' I don't want to start any political wars on the TLUG list,
but the political and social climate in the United States is just about
more than I can bear anymore.

Does anyone know how I could find a job in Japan? Job placement services
available on-line or some such? Any other suggestions?

(I'm not looking for a tech job. I'd prefer a cushy ex-pat job at an
American company in Tokyo :-} I have a PhD in statistics and measurement
from the University of Chicago. I taught English in Japan for 11 years;
my last job was 助教授 at a Japanese university. I speak, read and word
process Japanese at 3+ level on the ILR scale.)

Stuart Luppescu -=- s-luppescu .at.        
University of Chicago -=- CCSR 
$B:MJ8$HCRF`H~$NIc(B -=-    Kernel 2.6.9-gentoo-r1                
"We can outcompete with anybody."  George W. Bush
 March 11, 2004 Bay Shore, New York. 

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