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[tlug] Personal information management, Emacs (was Re: Oct 15 TLUG Nomikai Meeting)

"Stephen J. Turnbull" <> writes:

>     Sacha> I'd really like to find out how you manage your day and
>     Sacha> what tools you use to support that.
> Emacs.  What else is there that can do the job, assuming you can't
> afford to hire a human assistant? ;-)

But precisely how do you do it? <impish grin> That's what I'd like to
find out. There are a lot of Emacs modes for organizing information
and planning one's day. OrgMode, OrganizerMode, howm, and PlannerMode
are just a few examples. No doubt a lot of people have home-brew
systems, too. Some people use hierarchical tasks. Others divide their
tasks into projects. Yet others use a simple flat file.

Many Emacs users know how to tweak Emacs so that it really supports
the way they do things. Others stick with the basics because they
don't have time or inclination. If we document what the first group
does, it may make it easier for the second group to just pick up cool
ideas... <grin>

Ooh. Stephen Turnbull. <awe> I have a hard time with comparative
Emacsology. Searching seems to indicate that the GNU Emacs 'display
text property doesn't have a neat counterpart in XEmacs (invisible
atomic extents with end glyphs?), which is a pity as I use it to
display unescaped links. There are a few other issues I haven't quite
figured out. I don't suppose you know of any porting guides? The pages
on are a bit sparse when it comes to GNU Emacs and
XEmacs compatibility.

Sacha Chua <> - open source geekette
interests: emacs, gnu/linux, making computer science education fun
wearable computing, personal information management - PGP Key ID: 0xE7FDF77C

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