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[tlug] FreeBSD and USB CompactFlash card reader

Linux was beginning to get a bit predictable so I decided to start migrating
to FreeBSD a few days ago. Much on the insistance of an anonymous[1] fellow
TLUGger I went for 5.3BETA7 instead of 5.2.1. So far so good, except for a
niggling problem with the USB CompactFlash card reader.

If you plug the reader into the box with the card inserted into it, the
system detects the card and sets up both /dev/da0 and /dev/da0s1 (the former
being the whole card and the latter being the 1st slice on the card with the
FAT filesystem on it). OTOH, if you plug the card reader in empty and stuff
the card into it later on, only /dev/da0 gets set up, meaning that the data
on the card is inaccessible.

Looking in man devd{,.conf} didn't throw up much information, so basically
my question is, what do I have to do to tap the system on the shoulder, get
it to reread the partition table on /dev/da0 and adjust the content of /dev
accordingly so that I can mount the FAT slice?

[1] - I'm sure Scott wouldn't want me to name him in case you vent your fury
      against him instead of me. Oops, that's blown it...

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