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[tlug] Re: linux on Sharp PC-CV50

Marcus Metzler <> writes:

> Well, network install may be hard, because it has only WLAN and no
> PCMCIA or NIC. It has a CF slot and I have a CF network adapter, but
> I doubt it will be able to boot from that. If DirectHD doesn't work,
> I will have to get an USB CD-ROM or try the USB FD that I have and
> built a special boot disk that either works with CF or WLAN.

Ah. That does make it rather difficult. You've probably thought of
these approaches, but just in case they prompt other people to think
of something clever...

You could try the net install anyway, and see if it recognizes your
built-in wireless. If you have the disks for modules (or the net image
for the new Debian installer), wireless support might be there.

You might be able to turn a USB stick into a Debian installer. The
installer docs mention USB sticks, so this is probably possible. It
beats sneakernetting the base install over floppies.

You can download the base tarball and other files onto a flash drive
and use the boot-floppies.

You could find some way of repartitioning your hard disk so that
there's enough unpartitioned space for Linux, then do a
hard-disk-based install.

(And if you get really, really desperate, I suppose you could just use

> It should work like the Apple Firewire feature, where the notebook
> behaves like an external HD, but they alkways mention drivers for
> DirectHD which makes me a little suspicious.

I hope you're lucky enough to have it all recognized! =)

Sacha Chua <> - open source geekette
interests: emacs, gnu/linux, making computer science education fun
wearable computing, personal information management - PGP Key ID: 0xE7FDF77C

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