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Re: [tlug] linux on Sharp PC-CV50

>>>>> "sacha" == sacha  <> writes:

    sacha> p Marcus Metzler <>:
    >> I was just wondering if anybody has put linux on the PC-CV50,
    >> yet?  (

    sacha> Wow, that thing is pretty. And it's so light!

    sacha> I don't know anything about DirectHD, but ou could always
    sacha> do a Debian net install. That's how I got Debian onto my
    sacha> Fujitsu Lifebook P1110. The testing boot-floppies are
    sacha> pretty good, and you can install from a USB floppy drive
    sacha> without problems.

Well, network install may be hard, because it has only WLAN and no
PCMCIA or NIC. It has a CF slot and I have a CF network adapter, but I
doubt it will be able to boot from that. If DirectHD doesn't work, I
will have to get an USB CD-ROM or try the USB FD that I have and built
a special boot disk that either works with CF or WLAN.

    sacha> I've also installed Linux through netbooting. You'll need
    sacha> to set up PXE, but the HOWTOs make it a fairly
    sacha> straightforward process.

Yes, I have done that before.

    sacha> ('Course, you've probably already considered these options,
    sacha> and are just curious about DirectHD...)

It should work like the Apple Firewire feature, where the notebook
behaves like an external HD, but they alkways mention drivers for
DirectHD which makes me a little suspicious.


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