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Re: [tlug] linux on Sharp PC-CV50

p Marcus Metzler <>:

> I was just wondering if anybody has put linux on the PC-CV50, yet?
> (

Wow, that thing is pretty. And it's so light!

I don't know anything about DirectHD, but ou could always do a Debian 
net install. That's how I got Debian onto my Fujitsu Lifebook P1110. 
The testing boot-floppies are pretty good, and you can install from a
USB floppy drive without problems.

I've also installed Linux through netbooting. You'll need to set up PXE,
but the HOWTOs make it a fairly straightforward process.

('Course, you've probably already considered these options, and are
just curious about DirectHD...)

Sacha 8)

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