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Re: [tlug] kernel hacker in Hokkaido?

>>>>> "Craig" == Craig Oda <> writes:

    Craig> A reporter for Businessweek that I know is going to be in
    Craig> Hokkaido and is hoping to talk to a Japanese kernel hacker.
    Craig> Does such a person exist?

Hokkaido?  Maybe, there are some good shops in Sapporo.  But I don't
know any.

    Craig>   If that's not possible, does anyone know the names of
    Craig> some heavy kernel contributors anywhere in Japan?

NEC has a whole lab of Linux kernel hackers in Kobe.  Sharp (Zaurus)
surely has a bunch, but where they're located and whether they're even
Japanese, I don't know. would be one, Niibe-san (the
'g' is hard, and has nothing to do with his real name) but I don't
know what his day job is.  ISTR he did Linux ports for chips that are
mostly used for embedded, Mitsubishi CPUs etc.  Miles Bader
( hacks kernel; his day job is with NEC but I don't know
if he's a full-time kernel hacker, I don't think so.  He's definitely
not Japanese ;-).  Steve Baur <> used to work at the
NEC lab I mentioned; he's not Japanese but he might be able to put you
in touch with his former colleagues.

Try grepping the linux-kernel archives for "\.jp".

    Craig> I can't use C-space or C-@ to set the mark

What does C-h k C-space say?

But probably it's a Cygwin terminal thing.  Ask stty to tell you its
life story, maybe it'll say something about those.

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