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[tlug] kernel hacker in Hokkaido?

A reporter for Businessweek that I know is going to be in Hokkaido and
is hoping to talk to a Japanese kernel hacker.  Does such a person
exist?  If that's not possible, does anyone know the names of some
heavy kernel contributors anywhere in Japan?

BTW, on a totally different subject, I'm having problems with Emacs on
a Red Hat 7.2 system.  I'm using Cygwin on a windows XP machine to ssh
into the Linux server.  I can't use C-space or C-@ to set the mark
that I need to copy a piece of text into the Emacs before.  I usually
use C-space and Esc-w to copy the buffer in.  However, I'm unable to
set the mark.

Maybe there is a special setting I need to use on Cygwin?  I don't
think I had this problem with PuTTY.  It's slightly more convenient to
use Cygwin since it's open on my desktop.



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