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[tlug] [tlug-digest] Thanks Steve for emacs and utf-8 explanation

Thanks Steve for a great little write up of the emacs and unicode history. 
I do everything in unicode, but only by specifying the encoding in the 
first line of files (-*- encoding: utf-8 -*-), and putting up with refusals 
to save until I specify the coding for that save. Also, btw, I use the TEI 
additions to emacs, which seems to make things OK, even when I am not in 
the TEI mode. Never did understand how.

I do hope emacs gets real unicode soon, cause I can no longer imagine life 
without emacs or without unicode and the constant little glitches are a 
worry. I still loose a text now and again because of some encoding glitch, 
but so far its always been recoverable from a backup.

David Riggs

Nichibunken, Kyoto 

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