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[tlug] xlcConversionStartKey

While I've got you here :-)  Being fairly new to doing everything
under Linux, I'm also dealing seriously with Canna/Kinput2 for the
first time.  Having the IM initiation sequenece be shift-space is
driving me absolutely batty, because my thumb tends to linger on
the shift key while I'm typing fast in English, and I keep going
into Canna when I don't want to (I've done it about 5 times in the
last sentence, which you can't see :-)

Reading the man page for kinput2, I see there's a resource called
xlcConversionStartKey that supposedly lets me change this key
sequence, but I can't figure out how to set it.  I tried putting it
in my .Xdefaults like this:

 *xlcConversionStartKey: Alt<Key>space

but it's not being recognized.  How do I set this thing?!

Thanks again,

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