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Re: [tlug] boot libretto l1 from usb

Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:

 >>>>>> "Niels" == Niels Kobschaetzki <> writes:
 >     Niels> Does anyone know if I can boot the machine from any
 >     Niels> usb-floppy-drive?
 > Go into the BIOS configuration screen and seen what options they give
 > you.  Modern BIOSes usually allow booting from block devices attached
 > to the USB port.

no bios-access on the libretto l1 -- only some strange bios-tools i have 
to use in windows which do not will run with the windows 2k which is 
installed. i downloaded them for windows 2k but they do not want to 
function (and what i read about it i will not be able with it to figure 
out which devices the bios support)
i know that i can boot with an usb-floppy when i push f on startup, and 
with a cd-rom with c on start-up.
there are no informations in the net which usb-floppys are supported, i 
know only that there _was_ a list  (the links to the page doesn't 
function any more) in the net with the informations which cd-roms are 
supported for boot because not all will function

 > Once you have the kernel booted, it all depends on what drivers are
 > compiled into the kernel and/or loaded into the initrd.

ok - that was that what i thought about as well...


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