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RE: [tlug] Samba and VPN (Was CIFS Problems)

Alessandro Mantelli【HOBIBOX】 [] wrote:
> The problem is the following:
> Connect to an Active Directory (Windows 2000) Server through a
> Linux VPN from a Windows Client.
> Windows Client > VPN(Linux)  > Windows2000 server (shared folder)

Sorry, I didn't quite understand your problem, but I am glad you found a solution. :-)

Are you using Linux as a router for the Windows Client (so the VPN client is on the Windows Client)?

Or are you using Linux, not as a router or firewall, but as a file server?  So you connect the Linux fileserver to the Windows2000 server via VPN, mount the Windows2000 shares on Linux, then reshare or expose these mounts (via samba?) to your Windows clients on your local network?

Windows Client --LAN--> Samba share . Linux --VPN--> Windows2000 server (shared folder)

Best regards,

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