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[tlug] [announcement] May tech meeting summary and election results.


Saturday's (2004-05-15) meeting was, as usual, enjoyable, informative
and lively.  For those who could not make it and those who had too
much fun, here is a quick summary of what happened.

Presentation 1:
Taro Matsuzawa, gave a presentation showing some of the more advanced
features with the Mozilla Suite.  A few key features were Javascript
debugging, Dom inspection and some useful extensions like the Web
Developer  and Live HTTP header viewing.  Plus, the ever so essential
Ramen timer ;-)

Jim Tittsler, once again ran the auctions in a most entertaining

Presentation 2:
Katsuhiko Momoi, gave an interesting talk about the future
plans of the Mozilla Foundation and what the goals of Mozilla Japan

Some points of interest are:
* Work into making a mini version of Mozilla's browser for
PDAs and potentially mobile phones.
* The success of the Bugzilla project.
* Brief mention about application development with XUL for user
* How some schools view Mozilla as a good project for C++

I am looking forward to see what Mozilla Japan does.

Finally we held elections for the positions of President,
Uvae-President, Web Master and System Administrator.  The elections
were a tough battle of debating, hand waving and intense lobbying. In
the end we came up with new officers without too much violence. Well,
maybe the elections were not that exciting.  It was more in the style
of grab a few members and make them officers type of event ;-)

The 2004 Officers are:
President: Zev Blut
Uvae-President: Alberto Tomita
Web Master: Kin-ichi Kitano
System Administrator: Tim Meggs

With continuing positions:
Treasurer: Tim Meggs
List Master: Josh Glover

I would like to give a special thanks to all the previous officers
for all their hard work that helped TLUG have a great year in 2003.

2003 Officers were:
President:  Mauro Sauco
Uvae-President and Web Master: Yoshihiko Baba
System Administrator: A. Sajjad Zaidi
Treasurer:  Tim Meggs
List Master:  Josh Glover

I hope 2004 can be as good as 2003!

Best Regards,
Zev Blut

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