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Re: [tlug] Is Linux Helping MS to make Windows better?

> Remember the claim on how stable XP and (other NT derivatives) are? 
> That's
> a lie, windows support staff in companies with many production machines
> running windows have a hell of a time these days. I feel sorry for you.

Well, my job is helping support about 1000 Win2K desktops and a hundred 
or so mainly Win2K servers. It's well do-able, but a bit of a rat race 
at times :) As for XP, well, we do everything as a Ghost image, so 
we're building our image up, but won't go live until SP2, though we'll 
clock the GUI down to 2000 'classic' mode to prevent panic in the 
ranks. SP2 tightens the screw a bit more on the security side (and has 
pop-up blocking in IE - wow, what a new idea - maybe we'll get tabs 
before Longhorn!!!).

As for the issue about MS's problem being with their, an others, apps, 
I can well believe that - our image started fast and sweet, but after 
Office, antivirus, our internal apps and all the other stuff we stick 
in there, it runs like me after a tabehodai at the local shabushabuya.

I've tried introducing a few Linux boxes, and we've managed to save the 
Macs, but on a commercial basis the Windows argument still works. You 
have to prove an alternative can do more - not just the same, and 
strangely the idea of low purchasing cost raises suspicion more than 
anything else. At my desk I have my XP box, a 2003 Server box that I'm 
testing some stuff on now, and an old P3 running Fedora Core. The 
latter has got a lot of attention - not least because it runs faster 
than our image by a long way (the current desktop is a P4 1.7 -> 2.8). 
I think this is the way Linux tends to get into organisations - 
'utility PC' (like mine), then a print server (not a sexy job), then 
DHCP and so on.  Then there's the issue of support. I think I tripped 
over 3 MCSEs getting onto the train this morning, but Linux techs are 
still a bit thin for the environment we have. I'm prepping for the LPI 
101/102, but that statement in itself highlights the knowledge level in 
our company.

Sorry...rambled on a bit there.

Linux: Gentoo on a AMD XP 2000+
Windows: Windows XP on AMD XP 2500+
Mac: Mac OS X 10.3 on Dual G4 867

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