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Re: [tlug] linux/ms web page problem

Eric O. Flores ( wrote:

> the content is private (intranet).  To may surprise the dammed FP web
> documented generated more than 100 error at times up to 4 errors in one
> line.

That surprises you?  You really have never done this before :-)

> It will take for ever to get this into compliance!! :(

The person who suggested that it was faster to re-code than to
bring MS-generated HTML into compliance wasn't joking.  I've
been through that with MS Word docs exported as HTML.
Got them from a customer once; said "We want the site to look
like this."  In the end, I wrote all new HTML to accomplish that

Too bad it's an Intranet project.  I bet the company standard browser
is WCWW (Whatever Comes With Windows), so getting anyone to care
if it works with anything else could be really hard, even if they
don't mind if you use other stuff yourself.


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