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Re: [tlug] linux/ms web page problem

On 29 Jun 2002 20:33:33 +0900, "Eric O. Flores" <>
wrote to

> I am currently designing a web page unfortunately using publisher/front
> page.  The problem is that the konqueror and other linux browsers don't
> display the page correctly.  

Please, please, please, please, please, please, please use a different HTML
authoring tool. Anything by Micro$ux is going to generate M$-specific HTML
which can't be displayed on a W3C-compliant browser.

Most people here will tell you that the only way to get clean HTML is to
write it yourself using no more than a text editor, and I have to admit that
I tend to agree. Otherwise there are options like Netscape Composer and
StarOffice which generate fairly acceptable stuff.

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