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Re: [tlug] linux/ms web page problem

In deed I lead the pack in doing things my way in this company been the
only odd-ball with a linux desktop here.  I am Already validating the
code as another tluger suggested it is mainly for my benefit since it
the content is private (intranet).  To may surprise the dammed FP web
documented generated more than 100 error at times up to 4 errors in one

It will take for ever to get this into compliance!! :(

On Sun, 2002-06-30 at 12:35, Jonathan Byrne wrote:
> Eric O. Flores ( wrote:
> > Beside the point you work with what you have at hands and it happens
> > that my company only has those tools.  Don't some of us wish that we
> > could come to work and use screem or quanta plus...  I do!

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