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Re: Software Design (was: Re: [tlug] Confessions of a closet OpenBSD user)

Josh Glover ( wrote:

> While we are on that topic, how many people on this list keep a Windows 
> (or dual boot box with a Windows partition) around just for gaming?

I have a company-issue notebook machine with Windows on it at home, a
nasty Toshiba 2540.  After a great deal of tribulation, I finally
got one distro (Mandrake 8.2) to install on it (Debian had the most
tribulations - it would kernel panic when booting into the second
stage install), but it's not gettng along with the icky cardbus
in it.  I'm going to revisit that later and see if I can get it

It's not here for gaming, but for running 3Com Total Control Manager.
That does work well under WINE now, so I could ditch it, but
there's one thing I do use it for - running the Windows version
of Yahoo Messenger.  The Linux versions of YM do not support voice
and the Windows version does not work under WINE at all (AFAIK; I haven't
tried it for a month or so, but nothing has ever changed any time I
did try it).

My wife falls into that category, though.  She does play games
and she does value voice in YM, so getting her onto Linux won't
be easy.  On the other hand, the unreliability of her Windows
machine  does drive her nuts, so I may have a shot at it :-)


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