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Re: [tlug] Japanese in Gentoo

n Sat, Jun 29, 2002 at 11:43:09AM +0900, Charles Muller wrote:
> Stuart wrote:
> > After 6 years using RedHat, I've decided to switch to Gentoo (cue the
> > Legions of RedHat Haters: ``it's about time!''),
> Being a Linux newbie who has spent six months with Mandrake and a
> month with RedHat, I'd be interested in knowing a bit more about the
> reasons for this decision.

While not a total newbie (I'm just a lamer) what you might like about
Gentoo is that it's far smaller, lighter and faster than RH.  It gives
you a lot more control over what you install and run than does RH.
However, its portage system, which tracks dependencies, makes it
much simpler for the beginner than it might otherwise be. 
The downside is that some things take more effort to get them to work
properly, as they don't do as much for you as does RH--however, this
same argument could be applied to RH vs. Windows.  The other downside
is that doing an install takes several hours, and really needs a
broadband connection and a fast machine, unless you're in no hurry at

I'm getting to like it more and more, the more I use it--and with
Ryan's ebuild, Japanese is easy as well (though you'll need kterm or
mlterm--Jack turned me on to mlterm and I now prefer it--there's a
link to it on my Japanese in Linux (well, actually Japanese in RH and
Gentoo) page. 

Ryan, as I said, I'm going to do a reinstall, probably starting
tonight--as soon as I install kinput2 and canna from the new portage,
I'll add it to the page, though as I said, I'm going to leave my
caveat that it should be installed shortly after X.  
I don't know enough about programming and/or libraries to try to
troubleshoot it myself.


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