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Re: [tlug] vi and Japanese

Hi, all.

I recently subscribed TLUG ML.
I'm interested in Linux and also English.
I started to study English lately.
But now, my English is so poor !!!
I might speak rude English. If you find it, please stand me.

I try to answer a following question.

At Fri, 28 Jun 2002 13:28:26 +0000,
'aleatory ' wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'd like to ask a question which is not strickly
> related to Linux though.
> At work I telnet to the HP Unix 10.x Japanese box,
> and use vi to produce programming source files.
> I would like to know whether it's possible or not
> to use vi to input Japanese directly. If this can
> be done, this will definitely make my life a lot
> easier.

The answer is possible.
I know 3 vi which can use Japanese, nvi, jvim and jelvis.

I always use jvim included Vine(one of the Japanese distributions).
You can find jvim as following URL:

I'm sorry. I couldn't find English web sites.

jvim must use Canna(KANA KANJI convert system).
If Canna isn't working on your HP box, you install Canna first.

In a different way, if your telnet terminal can pass 8bit characters,
you can use Japanse input system like IME on Windows of a client.
But, vi on HP box muse be Japanese edition vi.

Anymay, you have to install Japanese edition vi.

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