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Re: [tlug] HELP cannot connect to the sound daemon

Martin Arballo wrote:
> thank you josh,
> I will study carefully all details you gave me to understand a little 
> more about start up.

You are more than welcome, Martin. Please do not rely only on my 
explanation, however, as the man page will be more correct and more precise.

However, I like your attitude. There is something to be learned here for 
other newbies.

- Ask a question
- Do not look for the "quick fix", but instead ask follow up questions 
(in this case, it was "I got two possible solutions, and then some 
smartass crap from Josh, what is the difference? Which is preferred?")
- Use the answers you get to learn more about the area in which your 
question arose

This process is a sure-fire way to set one's feet firmly on the path of 
grokking Unix.

Josh Glover <>

Associate Systems Administrator

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