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Re: [tlug] MO-203USB


Thanks for reminding me what to do.
I am working it as we communicate.
the usb module is the usb-storage
I wiped out the partition by using fdisk /dev/sda
then created a new partition with linux id 83
now I am working on the format simple using mke2fs -c /dev/sda1
once this process if finished I will use mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/mo -t ext2
and cross my fingers.

is currently formating so will see what happens in a few minutes.

> You said it is USB right?  Do you have appropriate USB modules loaded?
> Don't know which ones you need off the top of my head, but Mass Storage
> certainly comes to mind.  And when you try to access the device have you
> seen any indication that you are actually accessing it?  Does a light
> come on?  Does the drive show any form of activity?  Just generally 
> wondering if you are trying to connect to the right device.
> Michael has never done USB mass storage.

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