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Re: [tlug] MO-203USB

On 26 Jun 2002 13:07:10 +0900, Eric Oliver Flores wrote:
> Michael,
> > You sure you have vfat support built into the kernel?  And are you sure
> > the file system is already created?
> > 
> > Michael.
> Based on /proc/modules
> The vfat is there and ready.
> vfat         31384  0 (autoclean) [msdos vfat]
> The Mo disk is formated as MSDOS.
> I am now researching on how to create file system kind of forgot how
> to.. That is way I having such a hard time... :(

You said it is USB right?  Do you have appropriate USB modules loaded?
Don't know which ones you need off the top of my head, but Mass Storage
certainly comes to mind.  And when you try to access the device have you
seen any indication that you are actually accessing it?  Does a light
come on?  Does the drive show any form of activity?  Just generally 
wondering if you are trying to connect to the right device.

Michael has never done USB mass storage.

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