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Re: [tlug] new computer configuration

nitin kakkar wrote:
> Hi All
>   I am getting a new computer for a friend (P4 1.6  IWill MB) , He 
> wants  Linux (RH 7.2), Win 98 and capability to have more one os like 
> Sun Os, Free BSB or XP (just to play around for a while, he wants to 
> change this from time to time ).
> Also some partition should be shared between Linux and windows.
>  The disk he got is 30or 40GB. Can anyone please suggest how  should we 
> make the partitions, Win98 does not make them and linux only support 4 
> primary partitions so please explain how to make partitions and of what 
> type.

<koff> <koff> VMware <koff>

You did not hear me mention a non OSS solution for your friend. Move 
along, there is nothing to see here. Hey look over there! A cable!

Josh Glover <>

Associate Systems Administrator

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