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Re: [tlug] Tomcat and Cocoon 2.9

>>>>> "James" == James Cluff <> writes:

    James> I didn't want to give details if no one was running Tomcat,
    James> thank you.

Always give details unless you have security/privacy concerns.  It's
just as to type d (or M-x add-to-kill-file ;) on a 50 line post as on
a 5 line post.  See the BUGS files in GCC or any Emacsen for further info.

If you're consistently frothy and people get annoyed, you'll
(hopefully) get private warnings and (eventually) start seeing public
*plonk*s; it's hard to seriously annoy people on the internet by being
verbose (unless you're malicious to the point of DoS).

    James> I would like to be able to for example access the system
    James> like this without :8080
    James> while still bing able to access static pages or non java
    James> servlet pages like php from apache by typing something like


    James> Really I think there may be two seperate issues, one
    James> getting apache to forward servlets to port 8080, the other
    James> to get Tomcat to support SSL.

Try it that way, then.

SSL should be transparent to HTTP applications, just as telnet vs. ssh
is transparent to the remote shell.  That doesn't mean you don't have
to configure the Apache server properly; it just means I don't see why
Tomcat or Cocoon should care (unless they're a lot more integrated
with the Apache server than I'd like to think).

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