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Re: [tlug] Root - NO KDE

James Cluff wrote:
> Disabling Root login makes it so that logging in remotely or otherwise
> requires loggin in with a user account first so two passwords need to be
> compromised instead of one.  That is all, it doesn't imply security.

Correct. Disabling remote root login is A Good Thing. I usually just 
disable it in my sshd_conf file, however.

> I had never heard of sudo until your e-mail, but I have to admit after some
> reading, I really like it for when you need to give some root priveledges to
> someone you don't trust with your entire machine.

Another nice feature is that you can have sudo log all commands that it 
runs. Very nice for having an audit trail. That way, if something goes 
wrong, you should be able to see what commands were run up to that 
point. Not to mention some Big Brother-like supervision of fellow 
sysadmins... ;) [1]

[1] Yes, it was a joke. I know that it would not work, for several 
reasons. But there are other ways...

PS: There is no cabel, and they are not watching you!

Josh Glover <>

Associate Systems Administrator

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