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Re: [tlug] Root - NO KDE

Josh Glover ( wrote:

> True. However, there are situations, as you admit below, where you want 
> to allow a user to do something *very* specific with a command, such as 
> mounting and unmounting only the CDROM drive.

Since that person is in front of the machine just chown the cdrom 
drive, or use (blech) automount.

> This is a great way of saying it: "because those bad security histories 
> are going on now." I need to start using that in my arguments with the 
> Director of IT about M$ products! ;)

Not if I get to the patent office first ;-)

> I would argue, however, that this is *not* the situation with sudo.

Maybe. I do admit to not having followed sudo for quite some time, because
I just don't use it.

> fix them when they are found. Hence my faith in Apache. Note that it is 

I have faith in Apache, too.  We don't use it on our (newer) web hosting
boxes, but that's only because Zeus is so good that it was judged to
be worth the 1,000 pounds/host license. 

> And I use sudo myself for administration because I like to minimise the 
> amount of time that I am root. I do not like to have root shells hanging 
> out. I also like the command logging features of sudo.

I don't worry about logging, I know what I did :-)


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