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[tlug] restricting users in wu-ftpd


haven't posted here in a while.  I've got a question... or more of a headache.  I've been reading the Red Hat Linux Admin Handbook, which for all intents & purposes has some decent info.  I've been doing a play by play of configuring wu-ftp, but I'm getting nowhere.  The info seems a bit out of synch at times. What I basically want to do, is allow anonymous users access to a directory, and it's subdirectories --- the user shouldn't be able to cd anywhere outside of his home directory.  I know about the security risks, but just humor me for a bit.

I went through a long process to 'beef up security' supposedly, but I was able to cd to /etc right off the bat --- no bueno.

Also something else... I can't seem to get in anonymously.  anonymous isn't in /etc/ftpusers, and I've even set to "passwd-check none" in /etc/ftpaccess just to check.  Is there a third thing I'm missing?

Would I be better off w/ another ftp server?


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