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Re: [tlug] backups

Jack Morgan ( wrote:

> What are most people using to do backups? It seems dump/restore seems to
> be the standard for backups

Tar is the standard for backups.  It doesn't care what your file system
is, whereas Linux dump only works on ext2.  Don't look to it for help
if you're using Reiser, JFS, mounting FAT, NTFS [1], HPFS, UFS, or other
foreign volumes.   Now, if you have XFS and can use xfsdump that's
fine, but are you going to have a different flavor of dump for
every different file system you're using?  Blech.

Tar me up, Scotty :-)


[1] Of course, even if you had an ntfsdump, successfully restoring an
    NTFS file system under Linux would be the hard part :-)

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