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Re: [Re: [Re: [tlug] CVS and Japanese files]]

Hi Stoyan!

Stoyan Zhekov <> wrote:

> What is create/edit files in SJIS and convert 
> them to UTF-8 for the CVS? 

This is probably what we are going to do. But I don't want
to convert the files manually, since it is too likely that
people will forget and end up screwing up the files.

So I'm thinking some type of filter like Shimpei suggested
is the best solution. You can set up CVS to run a script on
files as they are checked in and out. So I can just write
a Perl script that uses Jcode to convert file to UTF on the
way in and to SJIS on the way out. Later when our tools 
support direct editing in UTF I can get rid of the filters. 

> Also are the CVS problems with SJIS charset itself 
> or with new lines only? 

SJIS is the problem; the file was created on Linux and all
our files use Unix-style line feeds.



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