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Re: [tlug] preserving permissions settings

On Fri, Jun 21, 2002 at 01:57:19PM +0900, Charles Muller wrote:
> One (apparent) difference that I have noticed between Mandrake and my
> Red Hat installation is that in Mandrake, without being aware of it, I
> had write permissions to my FAT Windows partitions (/mnt/win_c,
> /mnt/win_d), as regular user without doing any special setup.
> With Red Hat, these are set default with root ownership (I am not
> complaining about this--I am sure it's the right way to do it). 
> When I installed Red Hat, I set these windows folders to user
> permissions for both Group and Owner ("chuck") when I did the
> installation, but now I notice that they have reverted to root, and when
> I try to set them back to "chuck", I receive an "operation not permitted
> message" (I did this as SU). However, the user ownership that I applied
> to /mnt remains effective.
> 1) I wonder why I can't change ownership now?
> 2) If I *can* change ownership, is there a way to make it stick?
I don't think you can change the permission per file as it were.
You have to specify the user and group at mount time for the entire
mount. something like:
mount -t vfat -o uid=user,gid=group /dev/hdb1 /windows

should get you what you want.


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