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[tlug] Maintenance of Archives

I know that it is extra work for already busy people, but up-to-date
accessibility to the archives of this list can be extremely valuable,
not just for TLUGers, but for the Linux community in general, due to the
simple fact that a lot of the issues that are discussed on TLUG are
simply not to be seen elsewhere.

In the various newbie lists that I was on during the first half of this
year, whenever someone would ask a question about Japanese, CJK, UCS,
etc. on Linux, invariably someone would forward an old archived TLUG
message that dealt with the issue.

In my own case, I have recently gotten almost all of the essential
things working on Emacs for my own needs: XML validation, screen and
font settings, Canna, Mail, etc. Now I am reaching the stage of trying
to figure out how to get Mule-UCS working for CJK. Most likely, all of
my potential questions on this topic will have been asked before, and I
would certainly take the time to dig through the archives before bugging
list members with these questions.




Charles Muller
Faculty of Humanities
Toyo Gakuen University

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