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Re: [tlug] maybe a repetitive question about distros

Hi Pietro,

On Thu, 13 Jun 2002 02:17:02 +0200
Pietro Zuco <> wrote:
> The man pages are full of information but they explain 
> too many things. For 
> example I only want to do a simple think with tar or bzip2 and 
> I had to read 
> out all the document where explain to me capabilities that
> I will never use!
> At the end of the document I was so confused that I lose myself in the 
> lines... I'm happy that the documentation is so wide but sometimes, > people 
Usually good manpages have an EXAMPLE section. I usually just jump straight there. 
man tar:
       tar -xvvf foo.tar
              extract foo.tar
       tar -xvvzf foo.tar.gz
              extract gzipped foo.tar.gz
       tar -cvvf foo.tar foo/
              tar contents of folder foo in foo.tar
Well, this doesn't have bzip2, but it's not that hard to figure out: 
`man tar |grep -B1 zip`

> So at this point, I don't know:
> How to configure 800x600 text mode resolution
I think we've discussed this once on the list. See fbset and lilo. 
This would be the last I'd worry about.

> How to configure my usb optical mouse
I think optical can be treated just like a normal mouse. This question has also been asked before. Too bad the mailinglist archieves are still broken.
> How to configure a trident ciberblade generic video card
use `xf86config`.

> How to configure a pcmcia 10 BaseT network card and so forth.
You need to know what kind of chipset it has. Use `lspci` to find out.
After that you just need to find the appropriate module to load.

> How to pretty configure japanese input.
`apt-get install freewnn-jserver kinput2`

> How to configure sendmail. It's like a mysterious software.
Debian will install exim by default. When it installs the package it will ask you a few questions, that should give you a working MTA.

Also, if you have used other distros that worked, I'm sure you have a backup from at least of /etc. Use that for reference or just copy some files over, e.g. XF86Config-4


ps: you forgot the soundcard! ;)

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