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Re: [tlug] maybe a repetitive question about distros

Jonathan Byrne:
> Any major distro (Mandrake, Red Hat, TurboLinux, SuSE, Debian, etc.) 
> should have no problem with fairly standard hardware and even with
> a lot of not-so-standard stuff.  What hardware do you have that
> is causing problems for you?

This is slightly off-topic, but we discovered Knoppix recently; it's a
Linux-on-CD distribution which doesn't touch your hard disk. (Perfect for
labs, public access PCs, etc.) Its hardware autodetection is superb,
particularly its automatic sound and X configuration. Definitely worth a look.

`First Up Against The Wall When The Revolution Comes!  Woohoo!
So long as they promise to use latex gloves, I'm happy. :)'
 - Thorfinn, in the Monastery.

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