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[tlug] Re: UTF-8 under Linux writes:

> It looks like I will be starting a project soon where I will need to
> be able to edit in emacs, view via rxterm, and input via a browser
> text for a language (Hawaiian) encoded in utf-8.  In particular, I'm
> trying to figure out the best way to handle the following characters:
> U+0100 (&#256)
> U+0101 (&#257)
> U+0112 (&#274)
> U+0113 (&#275)
> U+012A (&#298)
> U+012B (&#299)
> U+014C (&#332)
> U+014D (&#333)
> U+016A (&#362)
> U+016B (&#363)
> U+02BB (&#699)

GNU Emacs 21.1.1 with Mule-UCS-0.84 can edit and display
all of them.

XEmacs 21.4.8 with Mule-UCS-0.84 can edit and display
all of them *except* U+2BB.

When trying to insert U+2BB with

    M-x insert-ucs-character RET 699 RET

XEmacs 21.4.8 gives the error message:

    Invalid or cannot translate:U+2BB

Steve, do you have any idea what is wrong here?

Mike Fabian   <>

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