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[tlug] UTF-8 under Linux

Sorry to dredge up recently discussed conversation but a self-inflicted
mail disaster resulted in my archive of recent tlug discussions on how
to edit unicode under linux being lost.

It looks like I will be starting a project soon where I will need to
be able to edit in emacs, view via rxterm, and input via a browser
text for a language (Hawaiian) encoded in utf-8.  In particular, I'm
trying to figure out the best way to handle the following characters:

U+0100 (&#256)
U+0101 (&#257)
U+0112 (&#274)
U+0113 (&#275)
U+012A (&#298)
U+012B (&#299)
U+014C (&#332)
U+014D (&#333)
U+016A (&#362)
U+016B (&#363)
U+02BB (&#699)

If anyone can point me to a relatively consise summary of what my
options are to properly configure support for display/input/editing of
text with these characters under linux, I would greatly appreciate it.


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