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Re: [tlug] Ignorance is bliss, expect in the case of syslog

B0Ti wrote:
> Hi Josh,
> The tutorial says: 
> "All messages are logged through the kernel facility. In other words, setting
 > kern.=info /var/log/iptables in your syslog.conf file and then letting
 > all your LOG messages in iptables use log level info, would make all 
 > appear in the /var/log/iptables file. [...]

Damn. Where was this, again? I hate when I miss the answer to my own 
bloody question in the docs--I *do* try to RTFM before running and 
crying to the list. ;)

Thanks for the hack. I have considered syslog-ng or metalog, but decided 
to go with the old standby on this installation. Maybe next server! ;)

Josh Glover <>

Associate Systems Administrator

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