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Re: [tlug] FD and booting off USB

On Thu, 13 Jun 2002 13:09:09 +0900, "hatsuhiro" <>
wrote to <>:

> Now I wonder which filesystem Linux users usually or mainly use on floppy
> disks, ext2 or msdos. Not on hard disks about this inquiry.

I still use ext2 on floppies - when I use floppies...

I know a FAT floppy has more free space on it than an ext2 floppy but if I
was worried about space I wouldn't be using a floppy anyway - more like a CF
card (on which I also use ext2).

Speaking of which...

A while ago there was a discussion on a USB storage device called a keyfob
or something similar. ISTR someone being able to store a minimal Linux
system on one of these devices and getting their box to boot off it. How was
that achieved?

Setting up a minimal Linux system on a removable media isn't too much of a
problem, I can look into that, what I'm more interested in is getting the
box to boot off a usb-storage device. This requires a wierdo BIOS, right?

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