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Re: Debian vs. Red Hat (was Re: [tlug] Mandrake vs. Red Hat)

On Thu, Jun 06, 2002 at 11:30:08AM +0000, Jack Morgan wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 06, 2002 at 11:36:45AM +0900, Matt Doughty wrote:
> > I actually run a mixture of NetBSD, and Gentoo for the most part these
> > days. If I were going to install a mission critical server I think I
> > would have to go with NetBSD.
> Same here, but just out of curiosity... why NetBSD over FreeBSD?

I inherited a bunch of NetBSD boxes so I learned it first.  I tried FreeBSD
a few times, but to many things weren't as cleanly implemented as in Net. I
found it extremely irritating.  If I am going to sacrifice elegance of 
implementation for a more drivers etc. I am going to use linux.  I find
that FreeBSD is a horrible cross between the two.  It isn't nearly as clean
as NetBSD, and it doesn't have the hardware support of linux. I however must
qualify that I don't have nearly as much experience with Free as I do with
the other two so I'm sure its not really bad as I think. ;)


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