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Re: [tlug] mySQL installation problems

>>>>> "Jean-Christian" == Jean-Christian Imbeault <> writes:

020604 13:13:55 Can't start server : Bind on Unix socket: Permission denied
020604 13:13:55 Do you already have another mysqld server running on
socket: /tmp/mysql.sock ?

    Jean-Christian> I checked and there is no mysql server already
    Jean-Christian> running. I also checked the permissions on mysql
    Jean-Christian> and they seem ok too. (I set them acording to the
    Jean-Christian> instruction given in the INSTALL file).

The error above is very specific.  For some reason mysql can't set up
the socket it uses to communicate.  Maybe /tmp/mysql.sock already
exists?  If so, remove it.  Maybe /tmp is not writable by mysql?  If
so, fix permissions of /tmp or the mysql binary.  Maybe /tmp is some
bizarre filesystem that doesn't support creating socket specials?

From unix(7):

       In  the Linux implementation, sockets which are visible in
       the filesystem honour the  permissions  of  the  directory
       they  are in. Their owner, group and their permissions can
       be changed.  Creation of a new socket  will  fail  if  the
       process  does  not have write and search (execute) permis-
       sion on the directory the socket is created in.   Connect-
       ing  to  the socket object requires read/write permission.
       This behavior differs from many BSD derived systems  which
       ignore  permissions  for  Unix  sockets. Portable programs
       should not rely on this feature for security.

       Binding to a socket with a filename creates  a  socket  in
       the file system that must be deleted by the caller when it
       is no longer needed (using  unlink(2)).   The  usual  Unix
       close-behind  semantics  apply; the socket can be unlinked
       at any time and will be finally removed from the file sys-
       tem when the last reference to it is closed.

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