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Re: [tlug] Xemacs: XML Validation Error

>>>>> "CM" == Charles Muller <> writes:

    CM> On Fri, 2002-05-31 at 02:05, Viktor Pavlenko wrote:
    >> Xemacs is trying to start an external program (nsgmls) and
    >> can't find it. It's either not in your PATH, or (more likely) not
    >> installed. You can grab it from James Clark's site
    >> ( and install.

    CM> Thanks Uvator. 

    CM> I was able to download nsgmls from Clark's site, and put it in
    CM> /usr/bin.
    CM>  When I try to validate a file now, I get
    CM> /bin/bash: /usr/bin/nsgmls: cannot execute binary file
    CM> SGML validation exited abnormally with code 126 at Sun Jun  2
    CM>  23:24:44
    CM>  I then tried 
    CM>       chmod u+x nsgmls
    CM>  But this has no effect. I also confirmed that /usr/bin is in
    CM> my .bashrc file. Are there any further suggestions on how to
    CM> deal with this? [Sorry to post this again on TLUG, but I tried
    CM> on the Xemacs list, and there were no takers.]

Can you run nsgmls from shell? Maybe your installation went wrong?
Maybe it's simpler to heed Stephan's advice and install it from RPM?

Good luck

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