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[tlug] iso-2022-jp and shift-jis on IE and N6

Ok, so here are some tips in summary, understood thanks to Jim Breen, Tod
McQuillin, Stephen J. Turnbull, and Nguyen Hung Vu.

1 -- EUC-JP is used usually on UNIX but shows up fine on IE, N6, and Opera.
2 -- ISO-2022-JP / jis is the standard and should be preferred for most web
3 -- Shift-jis is crappy and inefficient but is the only usable charset for
mobile phones.
4 -- Most mail should be in shift-jis to accomodate the mostly phone-based
Japanese e-mail users.
5 -- My provider, tiki tiki, needs to properly set up its servers.

Two more notes from me personally:
1 -- Be careful with Dreamweaver 4 on Win2K. After changing the charset of
the environment, shut down the program and then restart before uploading. It
seems to need a restart or reload to re-encode the character set.
2 -- I really need to switch completely over to *n*x after I finish this

Dreamweaver MX has supposedly fixed most of the international charset
problems in version 4.

Thanks to TLUG again for educating me in the mysterious multitudes of
Japanese character sets.


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