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Re: [tlug] html editor :) IBM Homepage Builder

> >> Netscape and Opera, and it bothers me that it seems to be losing to IE.
> I like the idea that somehow IE wins by ignoring stated code settings and
> Netscape and Opera lose by following them. The concept has a Gatesian
> feel to it.

I didn't mean it that way. But from the user point of view (I mean the
non-tech user who doesn't know what ISO is and just wants to order my wife's
teddy bears), you can see the site with IE, but you can't see it with
Netscape. While I am sure that it has to do with the inaptitude of myself
and my ISP, in the eyes of the uninformed, Netscape looks broken.

But it is more sinister than that, actually.

I changed the pages to iso-2022-jp and tested them again. IE is fine, and
Netscape is moji-bake. I look at the encoding choices for IE, and find that
it is registering as shift-jis and not jis. It seems that IE does not offer
jis as an encoding option.

We got rules to make things work smoothly, and MS just ain't followin' them.

I am starting to suspect my Dreamweaver 4 as the culprit. Is it really
encoding my pages correctly, I wonder.

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