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Re: ISP recommendations (Tokyo)

Erik de Castro Lopo ( wrote:

> I'm in Tokyo for three months and I'm looking for a dialup ISP. Specifically
> I'm looking for something Linux friendly.

Nobody supports Linux officially, but there are several Linux-using
GOL members on tlug, including at least two staff members.
It works fine.

DSL, 128K ISDN available, 64K ISDN, PIAFS (Tokyo only).
Aggressive spam-filtering (MAPS RSS, RBL, DUL, and ORBS in
warn-mode if you want to filter on ORBS locally, plus our own
custom filters). 

<DISCLAIMER> I am one of those two staff members </DISCLAIMER> 


Jonathan Byrne, CCNA                            Network Engineer
Exodus Communications, K.K.                     Engineering Division              

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