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Re: compact flash card/ compiling modules

On Sat, 30 Dec 2000, Joerg Winkelmann wrote:

> card into the PCMCIA slot of my Laptop with SuSe Linux 2.0.33 on it,
I guess you mean the linux kernel version is 2.0.33.
Which version of the SuSE distribution are you using ?
What does your login prompt say ?
It should be something like "Welcome to SuSE Linux <suseversion> - Kernel

> it apparently realizes that there is a memory card, but fails to
> load the appropriate driver, which seems to be broken.
> At least this is my guess from the lines in /var/log/messages,
> which follow:
> Dec 29 15:24:57 jwnote cardmgr[76]: initializing socket 2
> Dec 29 15:24:57 jwnote cardmgr[76]: socket 2: ATA/IDE Fixed Disk
> Dec 29 15:24:57 jwnote cardmgr[76]: executing: 'insmod /lib/modules/2.0.33/pcmcia/ide_cs.o'
> Dec 29 15:24:57 jwnote cardmgr[76]: + /lib/modules/2.0.33/pcmcia/ide_cs.o: unresolved symbol ide_unregister
> Dec 29 15:24:57 jwnote cardmgr[76]: + /lib/modules/2.0.33/pcmcia/ide_cs.o: unresolved symbol ide_register

BTW all pcmcia related kernel modules belong to the pcmcia package.
You may have to install the pcmcia source package from the zq series with
If you do that you will have the file pcmcia-cs-<some version
number>.tar.gz in your /usr/src/packages/SOURCES directory.
Recompile that package. (unpack using tar xvzf, ./configure, make all,
make install)

> I then tried to upgrade the kernel modules, downloaded modules-2.1.13
> from, but this failed completely: It just does not compile,
> producing a flood of error messages including the following lines:
> In file included from insmod.h:29,
>                  from insmod.c:71:
> insmod.c: In function `main':
> insmod.c:1008: sizeof applied to an incomplete type
> insmod.c:1009: sizeof applied to an incomplete type

I think you downloaded modutils not modules.
Most kernel modules are part of the kernel sources (except for example the
pcmcia modules which are part of the pcmcia package).
So you would have to install the kernel sources from your SuSE CD's or
grab some newer kernel from or
Newest 2.0 kernel is 2.0.38.
Newest 2.2 kernel is 2.2.18.
You most certainly don't want to try out the 2.4 kernel and
even more you don't want to try a kernel with an odd second version number
because those are developer kernels which tend to be very unstable
sometimes and may corrupt your filesystem, things like that (2.1.x,
2.3.x, 2.4.x-pre )

But my guess is you will only need the pcmcia package and recompile that
which should be _alot easier_ than recompiling your kernel.

Hope that helps,

Tobias Diedrich

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