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Re: Open Ports

Antony Stace wrote:

> Hi Folks
> I have just set up a CVS server running RH5.2 and noticed a few ports
> open on it.  I want to turn off anything I don't need.  All I need to be
> able to do on this box is to
> 1.  telnet to/from it

Why not use ssh instead ?
That would be more secure than telnet and there also are free
Windows Clients available (putty for example).

> 2.  ftp to to/from it
> 3.  run my cvs server on it
> so can someone please tell me which of the following I can turn off
> without breaking something.  I am a little bewildered why the linuxconf
> program needs to be sitting on a port, does anyone know why this is the
> case, can you access this program over the network?

Normally you can just disable all ports you don't need in your
If no entries are left, you can even disable inetd completely ^__^
But if you want to use some of these locally you could set up a
firewall, so only certain ports will be accessible from the outside.
(That's what I did on my machine)

Tobias Diedrich

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