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Open Ports

If you're worried about security, you might consider using the :ext:
method with ssh instead of rsh.  ssh is far preferable to telnet for
shell access, too.

>>>>> "Antony" == Antony Stace <> writes:

    Antony> so can someone please tell me which of the following I can
    Antony> turn off without breaking something.  I am a little
    Antony> bewildered why the linuxconf program needs to be sitting
    Antony> on a port, does anyone know why this is the case, can you
    Antony> access this program over the network?

It would be convenient if you want to sit at one box and administer a
bunch of networked machines, eg by script, no?

25/tcp     open        smtp            # incoming mail, you tell us
37/tcp     open        time            # close this
98/tcp     open        linuxconf       # close this
111/tcp    open        sunrpc          # NFS, etc; close it
113/tcp    open        auth            # only for IRC ;-)
139/tcp    open        netbios-ssn     # Samba; close it
513/tcp    open        login           # *yeee-eech* CLOSE IT
514/tcp    open        shell           # *yeee-eech* CLOSE IT
635/tcp    open        unknown	       # dunno

You should find out what 635/tcp is.  lsof -i

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