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Open Ports

Hi Folks

I have just set up a CVS server running RH5.2 and noticed a few ports
open on it.  I want to turn off anything I don't need.  All I need to be
able to do on this box is to 

1.  telnet to/from it
2.  ftp to to/from it
3.  run my cvs server on it

so can someone please tell me which of the following I can turn off
without breaking something.  I am a little bewildered why the linuxconf
program needs to be sitting on a port, does anyone know why this is the
case, can you access this program over the network?



25/tcp     open        smtp                    
37/tcp     open        time                    
98/tcp     open        linuxconf               
111/tcp    open        sunrpc                  
113/tcp    open        auth                    
139/tcp    open        netbios-ssn             
513/tcp    open        login                   
514/tcp    open        shell                   
635/tcp    open        unknown

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