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Re: YLUG meeting

You're perfectly right. It will be held on July 14th (Fri). I'm sorry but
I just meant it will take place on the 17th FLOOR  of the building called
Mark City just in front of Shibuya Station.  It's gonna be a nice, nice
senary up there HAHAHA. Sorry again making you misunderstand,
that's my fault.  Again the meeting'll take place on 

    July 14th(Fri)
        Meeting                           7:00 p.m.
        Pizza & Beer party           9:00 p.m.

See there.
Hiro Ohba 

> "Hiroyuki Ohba" <> writes:
> > Everyone, See Shinji's anouncement of YLUG meeting?  <BOLD>We have
> > the meeting on the 17th of Mark City, the newest & very beautiful
> > building in Shibuya area. Why don't you have beer & pizza? detail? 
> > Plz c Shinji's mail.</BOLD>
> The meeting is on Friday 14th July (tomorrow), right?
> Jens

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