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Re: Information regarding "Kernel Code read party" on 14th, July as YLUG activity.

In message "Information regarding "Kernel Code read party" on 14th, July as YLUG activity."
    on 00/07/13, "Shinji Kikuchi" <> writes:
>  This time, there is no description about joint working with TLUG. If 
>you would like to particpate it, please visit following URL.
> .
>The registration system is available.
>  But, unfortunetely, due to some delay of this information, NO seats 
>seem to be there maybe, therefore, you might have to stand whole 
>time of meeting. According to their information, more ten persons 
>can be acceptable. It seems to be better for "on diet" persons, to 
>participate this "tough" meeting.   And,  for "Heavy Speakers of 
>Japanese" as well.  
>  Regarding login keys of above URL,  below are available.
>   "kernel24001" for meeting.
>   "pizza24001" for NOMIKAI.

I visited todays 13:00 and these had been no seat for meeting but 
9 seat still remained for nomikai.

>Unfortunetely, there seems to be no English version of above.
>1)Date: 19:00-21:00 on 14th July 2000 (Fri.)
>2)Place: SHIBUYA Mark City 17F
>             Meeting Room named "Sun Bridge Venture Habitat"

I don't know how to reach there, is it not so difficult thing to 
find the Building from JR Shybuya Station?


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